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“Marketing is a measurable win-lose proposition. Consequently, it takes a careful eye and pen to show clients that our team is qualified to bring their program to reality. Sean is a master at clear-headed analysis, professional, energetic and resourceful; all key attributes to a firm whose mission is to expand their capture in a very competitive marketplace.”

- Joe Poli, AIA
Co-founder: Humphries Poli Architects

AEC Copywriter

Professional Writing for the Built Environment

Lifelong writer Sean O’Keefe is an AEC copywriter focused exclusively on architecture, engineering, construction, and development. Sean’s architectural writing career began as a marketing assistant at a super prime – soup to nuts/ bridges to buildings – in 2001. He spent 14 years in the Get-Work chair as a top-notch marketing professional working for architects, engineers, and contractors and with developers, consultants, and subcontractors of every sort. During that time, Sean orchestrated 1,000 RFPs, shortlisting for 750 of them. Fundamentally, beyond words, Sean understands what matters to architects, engineers, and contractors – and more importantly, why. 

As a result, Sean offers specialized knowledge of commercial and residential construction and design that content writers can’t. Likewise, his work benefits building product manufacturers and the magazines and associations that inform the AEC industry. In 2015, Sean O’Keefe launched his AEC copywriting business with immediate success. Today, Sean is a nationally recognized industry insider. Copywriting clients stretch across aspects of architecture, engineering, infrastructure, products, development, and industry publications. 

Home: Denver, CO      Heart: Chapel Hill, NC

AEC Copywriter
Based in Denver, CO, serving a cross-section of AEC interests around the world, Sean O'Keefe Communications and Strategy writes thoughtful content for the built environment.

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AEC Copywriter

As an AEC copywriter, Sean’s clientele includes developers with assets in the billions and single-employee businesses. Often, clients come for brand-defining statements and web copy. Then, they stick around for brochure writing, awards submissions, and articles. In addition, most are long-term, repeat clients of many years. Assignments range from technical writing for proposals to product profiles for paint or concrete. In every case, the writing focuses on architecture, engineering, construction, infrastructure, or development. Simply put, Sean understands the AEC industry the way few do and can convey it like none other.  No matter who you are or what you do in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, it is hard to stand out. So, make it easy. Execute success with AEC copywriting for architecture, engineering, and construction by Sean O’Keefe Communications and Strategy.

The following is a cross section of copywriting and editorial clients. Additional client work is found on subsequent pages.

Pepper Construction of Ohio
AEC Segment: Construction
AEC Copywriter Focus: Standard Operating Procedures

Regional Contractor
Working with Pepper’s Sr. Leadership, the program involved developing Standard Operating Procedures for dozen of key operational processes to unify the workflow across all future operations. Team interviews of just 30 minutes per topic resulted in confident statements about who is expected to do what, when, where, and why in less than 500 words per process.

AEC Technical Writing
A regional General Contractor serving mid-western markets including central Ohio, Pepper commissioned a set of Standard Operating Procedures to guide organizational execution.
  • Brian Lensink

    Pepper Construction

    “Our team worked with Sean to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Pepper Construction of Ohio’s construction processes. After interviewing our teams via bi-weekly Zoom meetings, Sean developed concise, easy-to-follow procedures for dozens of complex topics that required almost no adjustment on our part. Sean’s experience and guidance made the entire project effective, efficient, and enjoyable. We will work with Sean on other projects and would recommend him to others.”

Architectural Copywriter
D2C Architects specializes in vehicle-centric and governmental architecture for clients across the country.

D2C Architects
AEC Segment: Architecture, Planning, and Interiors
AEC Copywriter Focus: B2B Marketing

Architecture Practice
This growing architecture practice is establishing a brand profile in Colorado’s crowded design industry and took advantage of strategic thinking and hands-on marketing expertise. Sean’s services as an AEC writer and strategic consultant included brand analysis and guidance; developing proposals and marketing collateral; publishing subject matter expert articles.

D2C improved their potential to reach a larger audience with a more focused message through a comprehensive rewrite of their firm narratives used in all RPF submissions.

AEC Copywriter Assignments Include:
Building 909 – Adaptive Reuse
The Military Engineer

  • Eric Combs

    D2C Architects

    “Sean helped us revamp our marketing image, brand, and approach. Through his creative efforts and focused delivery, we were able to open new doors and strengthen existing relationships. Sean without question can help you position your firm for success.”


Decorative Architectural Concrete
B2B and B2C ACE Copywriter

Decorative Concrete Systems Manufacturer
Bomanite is the world-wide originator of the decorative concrete industry and distributes their products and services through a network of Licensees nationwide. AEC copywriting and marketing services began with a strategic brand analysis. Next, we developed tailored firm profiles for more than 25 independent Bomanite Licensees. This involved interviewing each owner, content writing, review and approval, and publishing.

Contributed articles involved working with a wide range of design and construction industry publications. These case study articles reinforce brand awareness and broaden market reach through national publications. Product profiles, website copy, and continued articles help ownership shine, and vendors reap the rewards.

Architecture Copywriter Assignments Include:

Big Ticket
Play & Playground

Innovations in Fine-Aggregate Exposed Concrete
Modern Contractor Solutions

A Sense of Place
Concrete Contractor

Construction Copywriter
As the first name in decorative concrete, Bomanite sets the high-water mark for specialty building materials.
  • Terry Grimble


    “Our involvement with Sean came as a result of a referral from one of the most highly-regarded contractors in the decorative concrete industry. Sean’s experience and knowledge in the construction industry directly improved our ability to communicate with building and design professionals. The work Sean has done for us has been of high quality. Numerous articles have led to opportunities for our customer base. We view our relationship with Sean as a partnership – and as an integral part of our marketing efforts.”


Concepts in Millwork
AEC Segment: Specialty Contractor
AEC Copywriter Focus: Awards Submission

Colorado-based Specialty Contractor
Concepts in Millwork is one of Colorado’s most well-respected specialty contractors dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship and customer service in custom millwork for commercial construction. Building the new U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyone involved. Professional services were engaged to develop an AGC Awards submission including content writing and photography.

AEC Copywriter Assignment:
Best Building Project – Subcontractor non-MEP (under $2M)

Construction Industry Award Writer
Concepts in Millwork is Colorado leading millwork contractor, celebrating success on the ACE Award from AGC Colorado.
  • Sherry Lindsey

    Concepts in Millwork

    “Sean was recommended to us as an AEC writer and we are so glad he was available to partner with us! Since it was our first time working with Sean, it was helpful that he set clear expectations upfront to get the best results and that made the process flow very smoothly with everyone involved in our company. Next, Sean’s understanding of the construction industry was invaluable as he was able to easily take our input and turn it into a beautifully written award submission that showcases our custom work. We’ll be competing for a building industry AGC/C ACE Award with Sean’s writing and know that we have a stand-out submission that will WOW our judges! We look forward to future opportunities to partner with Sean again!”

Urban Planning copywriter
Denver South Economic Development Partnership is the organizational body responsible for establishing and fostering cross-jurisdictional development objectives.

Denver South Economic Development Partnership
AEC Segment: Economic Development
AEC Copywriter Focus: B2C Marketing

Multi-jurisdictional Public/Private Partnership
This Framework to Advance and Preserve the Corridor was undertaken in anticipation of substantial population growth throughout metro-Denver. It intends to succinctly assess existing conditions, thoughtfully identify challenges, and present both visionary and practical approaches to controlling circumstances that could erode the quality of life in Denver South.

  • Tom Brook

    Denver South EDC

    “Sean has a distinct voice and confidently communicates complex topics. He has an ability to cut through industry jargon or buzzwords to find and amplify what really resonates with his audience. His writing is extremely relatable to a broad readership.”


Colorado Hardscapes
AEC Segment: Specialty Concrete
AEC Copywriter Focus: B2B Marketing

Regional Specialty Contractor
The Front Range’s premier decorative concrete contractor, Colorado Hardscapes has been leading product innovation, durability, and beauty nationally since the industry’s inception nearly 50 years ago. Operating as an extension of staff, Sean work as an AEC writer included marketing, and public relations services integrated into monthly workflows to routine benefit.

AEC Copywriter Assignments Include:

Placemaking Round Table, Colorado Construction & Design Magazine

2019 Association of General Contractors Award Submissions

Press Releases

Building Materials Copywriter
Colorado Hardscapes is the premier architectural concrete contractor of Colorado's Front Range.
  • Torrey DeMasters

    Colorado Hardscapes

    “Sean has done a great job for us on many occasions. His ability to capture the project details while engaging the audience is tremendous. Thank you Sean for all of your hard work!”

Real Estate Writer
A client of more than a decade, Building Dialogue is concerned with the dollars and sense of construction and design.
AEC Writer

Assignment Writer

Editorial Writing for AEC Industry Publications

Building Dialogue
AEC Segment: Publication
AEC Copywriter Focus: Editorial

Regional Commercial Development Magazine
As a AEC Writer developing features for Building Dialogue, Sean explore the finer points of design and construction on every assignment with a simple philosophy – people make projects. Following the pride and passion of the professionals involved always leads the way for the stories I write for Building Dialogue.

One River North: Architectural Editorial

Opportunity Zone

more than a dime, development ought to be about making a difference

By Sean O’Keefe

Commercial real estate development is the only occupation Kevin Ratner has ever known. A third-generation developer, his grandfather, Max Ratner, was among four siblings who founded a family-owned lumber and household hardware business in Cleveland, OH in 1920. During the 1930s the business expanded to real estate investing before securing contracts to develop prefabricated governmental housing during World War II. By 1960, Forest City Enterprises was traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange and owned and operated commercial real estate in many U.S. cities. Stretching from Boston to Los Angeles, the Forest City portfolio spanned retail, residential, office, healthcare, and entertainment venues. In 1998, Forest City executives inked a deal to serve as the master developer for the former Stapleton International Airport in Denver, a mixed-use endeavor that contributed to the city’s 21st-century regeneration.

After earning his master’s degree in real estate development from the University of Southern California, Kevin joined the family business in 2000. Though Kevin concentrated his work in Los Angeles, he has always maintained fondness for Colorado living.

“I grew up coming out to a camp in Colorado. So, I have always had a strong connection to the state,” says Ratner, who rose to the position of President of West Coast Development in his 19-year tenure with Forest City. “By the time the company sold in 2018, Forest City had developed Stapleton, Northfield, and started on Central Park Station, each of which has been transformative for Denver.”

Click image for full story as published in Building Dialogue.

  • Kris Oppermann Stern

    Building Dialogue

    “Sean has a keen understanding of the Front Range construction market. His elevated understanding takes readers behind the scenes while uncovering the most interesting details. His public relations and marketing experience lays the foundation for his ability to tell a great design and construction story.”

Architecture Copywriter
A national publication focused on the intersection of design and education, Learning By Design is a primary client of many years.
Architectural Writer

Learning By Design
AEC Segment: Publication
AEC Copywriter Focus: Editorial/Advertorial


K-12 and Higher Education Publication
Feature articles profiling educational design innovations, projects, products, and service providers with an informative, user-driven focus on the changing landscape of spaces for learning.

Transparency Improves Design

an industry shift toward product declarations enhances holistic decision making

By Sean O’Keefe

Design improves lives and people improve design. Linda Clark knows it. She is an architect and interior designer with the post-nominal letters to prove it. From AIA and NCARB to NCIDQ, IIDA, and WELL AP, licensed and certified, Linda specializes in designing creative, inclusive, healthy learning environments for users of all ages.

“We spend a significant amount of our lives inside of a building. Architecture and interiors need to be healthy and inspirational,” says Clark, an associate at Mid-Atlantic architecture practice, Grimm + Parker Architects. A firm of roughly 100 operating out of three offices in Maryland and Virginia, Grimm + Parker’s portfolio includes more than 80 LEED Certified projects and more recently several buildings boasting a Zero Energy Certification.

“Grimm + Parker specializes in public buildings including education, residential and healthcare, areas where wellness and sustainability intricately intertwine to compel holistically healthier places where people learn, work, live or heal,” continues Clark. “Sustainability has long been the basis of good design because of the obvious benefits sustainable choices have on a building’s operational performance and environmental impact. Now, we are investigating how product and design choices impact the personal health and wellbeing of the people who occupy our buildings.”

Click article image to see full story as published in Learning By Design.

  • Mark Goodman

    Learning By Design

    “I worked with Sean to build a successful program to bring forward the expertise of our advertisers to the readers of our magazine. With Sean’s help we have been able to extoll professional knowledge from a variety of points of view that best explain the benefits and uses of products, services and standards that help impact the quality of education and the environment for future students, faculty, and support staff. Sean’s work development process is efficient, straight forward, and yields great results.”

Infrastructure Editorial Writer
Infrastructure Writer

Informed Infrastructure
Infrastructure Engineering and Cons
AEC Copywriter Focus: Editorial/Advertorial

Sea to Sea: Engineering Editorial
Written for Informed Infrastructure 

Sea to Sea on the Scottish Canals

Centuries of infrastructure innovation culminate in the ever-changing now.

By Sean O’Keefe

The fundamental fabric of the human experience with purpose-built places, infrastructure can be understood as any system of public works or resources required to organize human activities. Roads, bridges, and highways come to mind immediately though the list includes every sidewalk and drainage basin ever built and the endless slew of interconnected utilities we use to power, flush, and broadcast our lives worldwide. Cooperation among many is essential to collective community betterment, so the need for such a framework stretches back to the very beginning of human existence. And while in the face of climate change or the evident erosion of behavioral values, the challenges of the 21st Century seemingly pit us against unsurmountable forces, like all others, we remain people of our age. As was the case for those before us, we must understand that infrastructure remains the way toward a brighter future for all.

Such is the story for Richard Millar. He is the head custodian of one of the world’s longest-surviving pieces of infrastructure, an asset so old that it has now catalyzed an entire culture – twice! As Interim CEO of Scottish Canals, Millar finds himself at the switch for Scotland’s heritage infrastructure – Scottish Canals.

“Scotland’s canal network is a collection of five separate canals that run through the heart of Scotland and have been instrumental in the lives of Scottish people for centuries. Today, we are all very proud to play a part in reviving them to a state of active reuse,” says Millar of his responsibilities. A civil engineer by trade, Millar has been with Scottish Canals for 24 years. Having had a hand in dozens of major public works projects required to resuscitate the canals from paralyzing stagnation, Millar and a small staff can take satisfaction in stewarding a community regeneration program that touches many lives in many ways. Though the story of infrastructure modernization through adaptation that Millar shares is indeed the way forward, he wisely insists on starting at the beginning, which was 1768.

Click image for full story as published in Informed Infrastructure.

  • Todd Danielson

    Informed Infrastructure

    “Love working with Sean. He writes from his heart and is very thorough. And we’ve heard nothing but good things from those he interviewed and worked with outside our organization.”

architectural writer

“Sean redesigned our marketing collateral, established a new format for our approach to proposal response and structured an information system for marketing that is largely still in place and useful to the company many years later. Personally, I consider Sean to be among the best marketing professionals with which I have worked.”

- Dave Clark, Principal
Coover-Clark & Associates


1900 Lawrence

Architectural Editorial Writer

MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple

AEC Writer

Triangle Building

AEC Writer

Boss Architecture

boss architecture



Pivot Point

Architectural Writer


Engineering Writer

HealthPeak Properties

Architecture Editorial

Southwest DEN Hangar

Architectural Writer

COS Runway Rehabilitation

Aviation Writer

Red & Purple Line

Infrastructure Writer

Delgany Interceptor

Infrastructure Writer

Denver Water

Architecture and Construction Editorial Writer

CSU Spur

Architecture Writer

Natural Selection

Architecture Writer

Colorado Public Works Journal: Industry Insights

Architecture Writer
Industry Insights is a long running series profiling Colorado's infrastructure leaders.

This is a feature series profiling Colorado’s infrastructure leaders for their perspective on the state of the state in their area of expertise.

Mickey Conway, CEO
Metro Water Recovery

Mark Bernstein, Chief of Staff
Denver Parks and Recreation

John Lochhead, CEO
Denver Water

Doug Dean, Director
Colorado Public Utilities Commission

John Lorme, Director of Maintenance and Operations
Colorado Department of Transportation

Learning By Design: Ask A Designer


This is a feature series profiling Association of University Interior Designers (AUID) for their perspectives on issues facing university facilities and design.

Building Certification Programs 
Sarah Rakestraw (Auburn) Marie Brown (Florida)

Gender Inclusivity
Jacqueline Jeffery (Michigan)

Brand Intergration
Charran James (SMU) Becky Owens (Georgia St.)

Flexible, Durable Design
Melissa Marriott (Illinois) 

Outdoor Classrooms
Vienna Romesberg (Washington and Lee)

Colorado Builder: Builder Product Spotlight

Architecture Copywriter

This is a feature series profiling Colorado builders’ product recommends for residential construction.

Building Relationships Matters to Ascent
Oct. 2023

Cadre Commits to Quality
Sept. 2023

Three Finer Things Found in Veritas Fine Homes
July 2023

Three Ways Rangeline Homes Builds Better
Feb. 2023

AEC Copywriter

B.A. Journalism / Communications
 University of North Carolina (1995)

Peace Corps Volunteer / English Teacher
Peace Corps Benin, W. Africa (1998 – 2000)

Owner / Photographer
Sean O’Keefe Professional Imaging (2001 – 2016)

Winner / 1st Place
Mary E. Phillips Elementary Mini-Marathon (1982)

Sean O’Keefe Marketing Professional
2001 – 2014

Sean O’Keefe began his career as an architecture copywriter at an ENR top 500 firm in 2001. Consequently, within a few months, he was coordinating RFPs. During 14 years as an architecture copywriter and marketing professional, Sean wrote and coordinated more than 1,000 RFP/RFQ submissions. As a result of shortlisting for some 75 percent of all submissions at 6 different firms, Sean then orchestrated some 750+ interview presentations, winning many millions of dollars in work for his employers along the way.

Architecture Copywriter
Sean O’Keefe Communication and Strategy
Established 2015

After more many years as a sole provider published internationally, there can be no doubt, that Sean offers specialized knowledge of development, design, construction, and commercial building products. Over countless assignments, for a wide range of architecture copywriting clients, Sean’s ability as a writer for the built environment is full spectrum.
Honed over many years of providing marketing and public relations services to leading design and construction firms, Sean’s expertise as an architecture copywriter helps clients articulate the complexities, camaraderie, and delights of imaging and delivering built environments, one project at a time. For example, as a professional marketing strategist, Sean helps businesses assess their position in the competitive landscape and chart a course for sustained success. Meanwhile, as an acutely experienced professional writer, Sean writes the story of how and why the built environment continues to change around us.

Previous Architectural Copywriter Experience Includes:

Marketing and Public Relations Specialist
Adolfson and Peterson Construction (2011 – 2014)

Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Humphries Poli Architects (2006 – 2011)

“Marketing is a measurable win-lose proposition. Consequently, it takes a careful eye and pen to show clients that our team is qualified to bring their program to reality. Sean is a master at clear-headed analysis, professional, energetic and resourceful; all key attributes to a firm whose mission is to expand their capture in a very competitive marketplace.”
Joe Poli, Principal
Humphries Poli Architects

Marketing and Public Relations Manager
Coover-Clark & Associates Architects (2005 – 2006)

“Sean redesigned our marketing collateral, established a new format for our approach to proposal response and structured an information system for marketing that is largely still in place and useful to the company many years later. Personally, I consider Sean to be among the best marketing professionals with which I have worked.”
Dave Clark, Principal
Coover-Clark & Associates

Orchestrating more than 1,000 RFPs and 750 shortlist presentations

Regional Communications Coordinator
Short Elliott Hendrickson Engineering (2003 – 2005)

Marketing Coordinator 
Arrowstreet Architecture (2002 – 2003)

“Sean spearheaded a process for designing and producing client presentations that has greatly enhanced not only the appearance of these materials but the flexibility with which we can produce them. Undoubtedly, Sean will make a positive contribution to every firm that hires him.”
Kathleen Born, AIA

Marketing and Public Relations Assistant
Edwards and Kelcey Engineering (2001 – 2002)

Certified Grant Writer / Nonprofit Writer
Nonprofit Ready.org (2022)

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sean@sokpr.com              303.668.0717