Approach to editorial writing for construction and design

As an architecture and construction editorial writer, Sean tells the story of amazing projects and the people behind them. Writing editorial involves encapsulating technical specifics into compelling, reader-ready writing. Quality editorial informs, inspires, and entertains in equal measure. Consequently, every publication has a distinct market focus and brand ethos that must be imbued in the content. 

From education to infrastructure

This work requires knowledge of the built environment’s many facets, as well as the people reading the articles in each publication. Understanding the audience begins with understanding the readers’ interests, challenges, and commonalities. Then it expands to the publisher’s workflow, capacity, and expectations. Assuring that the writing is informative, factual, and non-biased is a delicate exercise. It involves a combination of experience, intuition, and finesse not easily obtained. Having authored hundreds of features, thought leadership pieces, roundtable conversations, and paid advertorial pieces, Sean writes stories that align with the tone, tempo, and tacit nuances of the subject and situation subliminally. 

and the MEP in between

After Sean is briefed, the interview participants are introduced by the editor. From there, the research, interview, and review coordination are seamless. Once written, factual reviews with participants assure accuracy. Somewhere in-between journalism and marketing, the fundamental thesis of my writing across all forms and functions of the Built Environment is that People Make Projects. Sean’s work is turn-key. He accepts architecture and construction editorial assignments, coordinates interviews, executes, reviews, and returns to the editor a Reader-ready article, generally in a non-iterative process. 

Editorial writer for the built environment
Architecture and Construction Editorial Writer
Denver Water breaks water rights barriers for the benefit of all as covered for Building Dialogue. Click image to read.

Sean O’Keefe Communications and Strategy knows the AEC industry inside and out.

Building Dialogue is the premier commercial real estate development magazine in metro Denver. Also, a stellar client of more than a decade. Features articles, firm profiles, and thought leadership conversations center on high-profile projects and the professionals that put them together. From the intersection of building and business, compelling and informative stories convey the vibrance of metro Denver. 

Concentrating on custom residential and technology, Technology Designer funnels up to one of the home building industry’s largest tradeshows. Features articles profile projects and the people behind them.  Product articles share insight into market innovations. A win-win, this publication deftly informs the industry while increasing tradeshow attendance and sponsorship.

  • Doug Weinstein

    Technology Designer

    “Sean has a keen insight on architectural and building sciences and is a superb author. We’ve had a tremendous working relationship and highly recommend him to those looking for professional writing services.”

Easily mistaken for a Conde Nast product at Whole Foods, Modern In Denver is the coolest, small-scale publication aroundFocused on modern architecture in any form, this publication appreciates energic, vibey writing that connects readers to the now of design with lyrical intent. Morden in Denver makes its mark by concentrating on design with a big D. The publisher puts every effort into sourcing the finest images and premium copy before hand-mixing them in an alchemy of space, place and purpose that looks better on the page than in reality. 

Market-driven Learning By Design attends to a national audience of educators, architects, builders, and product manufacturers whose goods and services improve educational environments. Project features, roundtable conversations, and thought leadership conversations are pragmatically synthesized to get the facts on the table while maintaining brand awareness and non-promotional sensitivity in paid advertorials. The magazine works hard to bring cultivated content to a broad audience by fostering association partnerships, sponsoring awards programs, and hosting education design dialogues through seminars and industry events. 

Editorial Writer for Design
B Corp Certification recognizes Room & Board’s commitment to being a force for good as covered in Modern In Denver. Click image to see story.

Assignments include thoughtful, informative editorial and dynamic, engaging round table conversation with industry leaders, and compelling, client-sponsored content with third-party subject matter experts. from education to infrastructure and the MEP in between, Sean knows the AEC industry inside and out. For more than a decade Sean has filled assignments for dozens of publishers without a single missed deadline.

If you need editorial writer for the built environment, you will not find a more qualified resource than Sean O’Keefe Communication and Strategy.

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Architectural Editorial Writer
Excellence in custom residential takes, time, talent, and tenacity as covered in Big Sky Journal. Click image to read.

Technology Designer
AEC Segment: Custom Residential
AEC Copywriter Focus: Editorial

Custom Residential Technology Magazine
Feature articles profiling products, firms, and projects at the intersection of custom residential and cutting-edge technology.

Editorial Writing Includes:

Cleaner, Clearer, Better with 3M

Taking Charge with Savant

Believing In Better with Kohler

Water Wise with K-Rain

architecture copywriter
At the intersection of technology and custom residential, Technology Designer sets the pace for the industry.
  • Doug Weinstein

    Technology Designer

    “Engaging interviews and creative storytelling are what makes a writer stand out in a world where everyone has a megaphone. Sean has added depth and texture to our magazine, with an understanding of what makes architects, builders and designers tick. On time, on budget, proactive, polished and poised, his professionalism represents the best of what defines the TD experience.”


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Colorado Construction & Design
AEC Segment: Publication
AEC Copywriter Focus: Editorial

Regional Construction & Design Magazine
As an AEC Writer, Sean developed feature Articles around people, places, projects, and performance are joined by Thought Leadership Round Tables, and the Regional Round up to showcase a well-rounded approach to AEC-focused journalism. From the whos and whats to the whens and whys, these assignments are about the nuts and bolts of putting boots on the ground to build Colorado.

Editorial Writing Includes:

More Than A Garden
Denver Botanic Gardens

First Impression
Platte Fifteen

The Elusive Edge
Park 17

Editorial for construction and design
ccd wlogo
  • Mike Brannigan

    Colorado Construction & Design

    “Sean has been a rock-solid contributor to Colorado Construction & Design for a number of years, writing our feature stories of construction industry projects. His experience with construction and design firms gives him an added advantage when communicating the industry’s complexities. He is personable and introspective with a professional approach to communication and marketing.”


Modern In Denver
AEC Segment: Publication
AEC Copywriter Focus: Editorial

Regional Design Magazine
Feature articles profiling Colorado’s coolest architectural innovations, practices, and personalities with a thoughtful appreciation for the craft and consequence in the choices made.

Editorial Writing Includes:

Poets of Place
MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

Uncommon Geometry
Triangle Building

A View Askew
The Source Hotel

Lunch Pad

Architectural Writer
Modern In Denver sets the edge and showcases the best of design in Colorado and beyond.
  • William Logan

    Modern In Denver

    “Sean has contributed to Modern In Denver for over eight years and his experience and talent have proven to be an ideal match for the subjects we cover. He has a unique ability to be both technical and lyrical in the same story, seamlessly blending his experience of architecture and building with his ability to find the heart and soul of the subject to craft stories that both entertain and inform our readers. Sean is fun to work with and one of the most professional writers (he never misses a deadline) to have ever contributed to Modern In Denver. It is easy to say that he has elevated the quality of our publication.”