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Architectural product copywriting is a delicate matter that requires a thoughtful client. The first thing to understand is that regardless of format, good writing is always written for the reader, never for the writer. Therefore, if product manufacturers or building material suppliers expect to engage readers they need set aside overt promotion. Reading is a psychological investment a person makes of their time and gray matter. As such, smart people expect to be rewarded for their wise investment. Intrinsically, the rewards of a well-written article include useful information, stimulating engagement, and the sense of accomplishment in having learned something. Conversely, the consequences of a poorly written or explicitly promotional article are a lack of trust due to having been marketed rather than engaged and a lack of interest in having been sold rather than shown.

Compelling architectural product copywriting begins with the building science professionals and tradespeople who use the product or material in real-world applications. By talking to people who are the target audience, the product or material’s positives are elegantly integrated into a story about a project and the people who built it. 

Once the interviews are complete, Sean’s architectural product copywriting always begins with a Golden Idea. By knowing what readers want from their investment of time and thought, the writing reflects an appreciation for the people that do the work. The service is turnkey. Once the article is written, interview participants will have first review. Though, there are always important technical refinements, often involving intense precision on the part of lifelong engineers, the writing fully baked by the time the client sees the first draft. If you need architectural product copywriting, Sean O’Keefe Communications and Strategy is hard to beat.

AEC Product Writing
  • Doug Weinstein

    Technology Designer

    “Engaging interviews and creative storytelling are what makes a writer stand out in a world where everyone has a megaphone. Sean’s architectural product copywriting has added depth and texture to our magazine, with an understanding of what makes architects, builders and designers tick. On time, on budget, proactive, polished and poised, his professionalism represents the best of what defines the TD experience.”

AEC Product Writing

3M: Cleaner, Clearer, Better
in-home water filtration systems improve consumer confidence and reduce reliance on bottled sources

Water is the essence of life. Inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless, water is the main constituent of the Earth’s hydrosphere and the fundamental fluid of all living organisms. Though it contains no organic nutrients or provides any calories, water is the most vital compound on the planet. As a natural resource, we all use water to hydrate our bodies, clean our clothes, and cook our food. However, despite its universal presence in our lives, water remains a little misunderstood. On the consumer level, most of us think of water as either drinkable or not, a consideration that primarily comes down to confidence.

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Alpen Windows

Alpen Windows: Beyond Performance
Considering the benefits of high-performance glazing in passive house design

Those who have made the science of design and construction their life’s work know that there are levels to this game. Indeed, in most fields, goods, services, and products can be generally understood in terms of Good / Better / Best, with commensurate expectations tied to cost, quality, and availability associated with each classification. In the custom residential design and construction market, where the options are virtually limitless, the certainty that one choice is unequivocally better than all others would be difficult to quantify. For those involved in the design and construction of passive houses, the choice is simple.

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Savant: Taking Charge
Savant puts the power of choice into energy management

Anna Demeo is passionate about energy. As the President of Savant Power, she has put herself in a position to affect change on a broad scale by helping consumers, communities, utilities, and regulatory interests rethink the way we energize our lives. Savant Power is a division of Savant Systems, Inc., which along with GE Lighting, a Savant Company, strives to unite the vital pillars of any connected environment – climate, lighting, entertainment, security, and energy.

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Savant, Taking Charge
  • Mark Goodman

    Learning By Design

    “I worked with Sean to build a successful program to bring forward the expertise of our advertisers to the readers of our magazine. Then, through Sean’s architectural product copywriting we have been able to extoll professional knowledge from a variety of points of view that best explain the benefits and uses of products, services and standards that help impact the quality of education and the environment for future students, faculty, and support staff. Sean’s work development process is efficient, straight forward, and yields great results.”

Bomanite Sandscape

Bomanite: Reference Point
A pedestrian-centric design solution integrates Bomanite decorative concrete to create a special sense of community

In commercial development, the thirst for something new is nearly constant. Developers, designers, and builders all continually search for a competitive edge in an ultra-competitive industry to distinguish their product from a sea of sameness. In this quest for new and unique, certain successful developments become mile markers along the highway of innovation; noteworthy reference points defining a technical or aesthetic advance that inspires future design. Such is the expectation for a small mixed-use, multifamily community in Louisville, Colorado where development vision, design response, and construction craftsmanship all combine to deliver a distinct, pedestrian-centric, multimodal community experience.

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Building Materials Writer

Atlas Molded Products: Common Ground
a challenging urban infill benefits from broad expertise and material certainty

Nature is an essential part of the human experience. As the universal backdrop of our lives, nature instills a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves, something grander than now; something eternal. As densities of human populations have increased, first cities, and then metropolises have formed. Building ever larger, taller, and deeper, today superblocks and transit corridors fill space and concentrate purpose in cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angles. Structure and infrastructure, concrete and steel fill seemingly every space, challenging nature to find a way to fit in. Thankfully, nature is making a comeback.

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